mm The important of having an insurance

Accident can happen anytime and anywhere right? So I have this friend who just recently got an accident. This friend of mine then got admitted to one of the best hospitals in Hongkong because her condition is already bad as well. Then after she was already being treated, she insist to change hospitals because she couldn’t afford more if she stays in that hospitals. Then after a couple of days she got transferred to another hospitals because she was insisting and her condition isn’t in crisis anymore. But when she was checking out of that hospital she shocked by the bills she needs to pay $6000 dollars for only a few days. And since she didn’t have any insurance she needs to pay that big money all by herself. Later on after she is healthy, she immediately search for insurance if she got any accident in the future. From that experience of my friend, I realize how important to have an insurance for myself. If only my friend at that time already have an insurance to cover her bill, she didn’t have to pay that much money for only a few days in hospitals. At the moment I don’t have any insurance. But I’m still searching for the right price and the right services too. Since I don’t really have much money right now (a.k.a. I am broke). But in order to find the best insurance that I need the most, I need to be careful picking some insurance company. A friend told me once that if you want to have the best insurance for your need it’s not an easy thing to do actually. And I need to search for all possible insurance company not just 1 or 2 company. Well it’s complicated to find and after that to choose and then other things that we must do actually. But of course it’s for the sake of myself so I do need to have an insurance, especially that can cover me and understand me as an expatriate.

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