mm Keep our body far from sick

In my experience in being a swimmer, I usually got flu or cough easily since I always need to in the water for a long time. Everyday I was always in the pool for training so my flu need a really long time to be cured. So as I was saying as someone who regularly is in the water, it is important to always keep in mind about taking care of our body. We need to eat balanced food, exercise regularly (beside swimming), and drink some supplement too to make our body strong. But in order to do that we need to be persistent in our life. It needs a lot of sacrifice to do what we don’t like (example eating junk food like French fries, burger) or doing things that we don’t like (example eating something not delicious but it’s necessary because it’s healthy food for our body). A healthy lifestyle is a need for athlete. In order they can get to competition or defeat their other, they need to stay healthy and train hard as well. They need to be consistent in their life about whatever choices they make. Because those choices can affect them later in the future. For example after dinner you need to choose between just eat a burger or only eat salad for snack. In their mind of course the burger is much more tastier than salad but if we see it in a different perspective of course the salad is much more healthier. Even with these small choices it could affect the life of an athlete so if they choose burger the next time this choices were given they’ll think that “hey it’s okay to eat burger more nothing happened” and so on till they realize they already used to it and it became a habit eating burger after dinner. And of course it’s not good for their body. So remember to always be consistent in live.
Beside our lifestyle, our mind or mental need to be healthy too. When someone or somebody is easily becoming angry even from just a simple thing maybe that person is having a stress in their live. As an athlete we need to maintain our healthy mental. Do some fun activity if you are bored and if you are under a lot of stress find something or someone to help you relieve it. But if it’s already to depression level I suggest to talk to your family about it and find you a doctor (therapist).