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mm Being an expat in Hongkong? No problem!

Living abroad without your parent is a really new thing to me because my whole I was living with my mother and suddenly here I am all alone in Hongkong. Well it’s not that bad I guess. I could do a lot of things that I want without my mom nagging me. And living in Hongkong it’s not that easy also. First of all, the language problem. Before moving to Hongkong I already take some courses about Chinese lesson in Malaysia. From the lesson that I get, there’s not much thing that I get from there. When I interacted with someone I only understand like half of what they are saying. When they are saying simple words like “ni hao” it’s still easy for me to reply it but if they use a like hard vocabulary or word that isn’t familiar to me like ”zai lu sang duche ni ne?” and I’m there and just like…..Wow I didn’t see that coming. Yeah the language is kind of hard. But as time goes by I certainly do a lot better. And lucky me, my neighbor can speak English well. My neighbor taught me how to speak and write mandarin too. From that moment on my mandarin language skill are betting better. Next about the food in Hongkong. The typical kind of the food there are mostly Chinese food like seafood and pig. It’s kind of different from Malay. In Malay pig can only be eaten by non-muslim people. But here it’s like everybody eats pig. Me as a muslim can’t eat it since it’s haram for me (can’t be eaten because of my religion). Well it’s kind of hard finding restaurant that didn’t have any pig meat. But of course there are places that offer food without pig as well or I could just ask the waiter in that restaurant not to use pig meat and just change the pig meat with chicken or beef.