About me

Hey there so I’m Sarah. It’s Sarah Risto. I’m 27 years old. Right now I live in Hongkong working as a swimming coach.  I’ve been living in Hongkong for 3 years (yes I am an expat). And since then I’ve been working from being an office workers, being a private tutor, and now here I am as couch here.

I came from Malaysia, Kinabalu city. But I was born and live in Singapore before and when I’m 6 years old, my parents divorced and I was forced to follow my mother because she got my custody. Then me and my mother went to Malaysia to Kinabalu city. Well we settle there and we live happily there. At the moment my mom still live in Kinabalu city.

In Malaysia I went to sport university majoring in swimming. I study there and became an athlete too. I really like to swim because when I’m underwater I feel relaxed for some reason and that motivates me to take this path becoming a swimmer. Then after I graduate I try become a national athlete but I failed at the test. As much as I want it so bad but unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to become one of it.

And 1 year later I decided to go Hongkong and try living and working there. And in Hongkong I take some part time job there  and while taking part time job I search about job becoming a swimming couch too. Then after few months I became a swimming couch in some small sport organization. I teach junior high and high school student that want to focus on becoming a swimming athlete. And now I still teach them to regional competition. That’s all about me.