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mm What to do if you are injured

If you are injured there’s things you need to realize and observe. First, you should determine whether or not you need to go to the hospital. Don’t call the hospital and ask if you should come in. Use your judgment in deciding it. And if you can see multiple layers of skin in your body or there’s some exposed bone occurring, then you’ve got a puncture wound (and haven’t gotten a tetanus injection shot in more than 10 years), or if you’ve got a blister that’s bigger than 3 inches across, go to the doctor immidiately. But if your injuries are minor, there’s no reason to involve the authorities or hospitals. Actually there’s a lot kind if injuries that could happened but I’m just going explain some injuries that is common for people.
When you cut yourself, you should stop the bleeding ASAP. With some gentle pressure on clean bandage or cloth should do the trick. Next, wash the wound under cool, clear water. You can use soap carefully on the area around the injury, but don’t wash the injury itself. And all you need is a topical antibiotic ointment like Neosporin and a Band Aid.
Puncture wounds are much more trickier and it has a higher risk of infection. This thing happened not just because the injury isn’t exposed to air, but also that puncture wounds often come from pretty unhygienic places, like cat mouths or nails you accidentally step on. The thing you must do is to wash the wound with clear water, apply a topical remedy, and monitor for signs of infection.

mm The important of having an insurance

Accident can happen anytime and anywhere right? So I have this friend who just recently got an accident. This friend of mine then got admitted to one of the best hospitals in Hongkong because her condition is already bad as well. Then after she was already being treated, she insist to change hospitals because she couldn’t afford more if she stays in that hospitals. Then after a couple of days she got transferred to another hospitals because she was insisting and her condition isn’t in crisis anymore. But when she was checking out of that hospital she shocked by the bills she needs to pay $6000 dollars for only a few days. And since she didn’t have any insurance she needs to pay that big money all by herself. Later on after she is healthy, she immediately search for insurance if she got any accident in the future. From that experience of my friend, I realize how important to have an insurance for myself. If only my friend at that time already have an insurance to cover her bill, she didn’t have to pay that much money for only a few days in hospitals. At the moment I don’t have any insurance. But I’m still searching for the right price and the right services too. Since I don’t really have much money right now (a.k.a. I am broke). But in order to find the best insurance that I need the most, I need to be careful picking some insurance company. A friend told me once that if you want to have the best insurance for your need it’s not an easy thing to do actually. And I need to search for all possible insurance company not just 1 or 2 company. Well it’s complicated to find and after that to choose and then other things that we must do actually. But of course it’s for the sake of myself so I do need to have an insurance, especially that can cover me and understand me as an expatriate.

Insured in another country

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mm Being an expat in Hongkong? No problem!

Living abroad without your parent is a really new thing to me because my whole I was living with my mother and suddenly here I am all alone in Hongkong. Well it’s not that bad I guess. I could do a lot of things that I want without my mom nagging me. And living in Hongkong it’s not that easy also. First of all, the language problem. Before moving to Hongkong I already take some courses about Chinese lesson in Malaysia. From the lesson that I get, there’s not much thing that I get from there. When I interacted with someone I only understand like half of what they are saying. When they are saying simple words like “ni hao” it’s still easy for me to reply it but if they use a like hard vocabulary or word that isn’t familiar to me like ”zai lu sang duche ni ne?” and I’m there and just like…..Wow I didn’t see that coming. Yeah the language is kind of hard. But as time goes by I certainly do a lot better. And lucky me, my neighbor can speak English well. My neighbor taught me how to speak and write mandarin too. From that moment on my mandarin language skill are betting better. Next about the food in Hongkong. The typical kind of the food there are mostly Chinese food like seafood and pig. It’s kind of different from Malay. In Malay pig can only be eaten by non-muslim people. But here it’s like everybody eats pig. Me as a muslim can’t eat it since it’s haram for me (can’t be eaten because of my religion). Well it’s kind of hard finding restaurant that didn’t have any pig meat. But of course there are places that offer food without pig as well or I could just ask the waiter in that restaurant not to use pig meat and just change the pig meat with chicken or beef.

mm Keep our body far from sick

In my experience in being a swimmer, I usually got flu or cough easily since I always need to in the water for a long time. Everyday I was always in the pool for training so my flu need a really long time to be cured. So as I was saying as someone who regularly is in the water, it is important to always keep in mind about taking care of our body. We need to eat balanced food, exercise regularly (beside swimming), and drink some supplement too to make our body strong. But in order to do that we need to be persistent in our life. It needs a lot of sacrifice to do what we don’t like (example eating junk food like French fries, burger) or doing things that we don’t like (example eating something not delicious but it’s necessary because it’s healthy food for our body). A healthy lifestyle is a need for athlete. In order they can get to competition or defeat their other, they need to stay healthy and train hard as well. They need to be consistent in their life about whatever choices they make. Because those choices can affect them later in the future. For example after dinner you need to choose between just eat a burger or only eat salad for snack. In their mind of course the burger is much more tastier than salad but if we see it in a different perspective of course the salad is much more healthier. Even with these small choices it could affect the life of an athlete so if they choose burger the next time this choices were given they’ll think that “hey it’s okay to eat burger more nothing happened” and so on till they realize they already used to it and it became a habit eating burger after dinner. And of course it’s not good for their body. So remember to always be consistent in live.
Beside our lifestyle, our mind or mental need to be healthy too. When someone or somebody is easily becoming angry even from just a simple thing maybe that person is having a stress in their live. As an athlete we need to maintain our healthy mental. Do some fun activity if you are bored and if you are under a lot of stress find something or someone to help you relieve it. But if it’s already to depression level I suggest to talk to your family about it and find you a doctor (therapist).